The Paradigm Project

Design Global Change is currently developing promotional materials for The Paradigm Project, to communicate to stakeholders and potential donors about the work the organization does for sustainable social, environmental and economic change.

The Paradigm Project is a member-driven collaborative network of leading businesses, charitable organizations and people coming together to find better ways to reduce the effects of poverty all over the world, by identifying, funding and developing projects that significantly improve peoples' lives, while at the same time creating a foundation for the community to serve their own long-term needs without outside assistance. The result is community-driven projects that become self-sustaining by funding their own existence and creating ongoing social, economic and environmental value.

One of Paradigm Project current projects is to provide cook stoves for communities in rural Kenya, where women typically cook every meal over an open fire. Mothers have their babies and children with them while cooking, and they are equally affected – with almost 800,000 children under 5 dying annually from daily exposure to cooking smoke (cooking with an open fire is equivalent to smoking 40 cigarettes a day for anyone standing in the hut!) In addition, because of the time required for the collecting wood and preparing meals, women are often denied the opportunity to participate in more nurturing activities with the family or in gainful employment. This time-consuming and hard work subjects women and their children to severe health risks and can drain a family economically and a community environmentally. It's a paradigm that needs to change.

Design Global Change is proud to be supporting this organization, which also works with one of our partners: Burn Design Lab.

Paradigm Project Photography © Kelly Ross