Natacha Poggio, Director and Founder
Natacha Poggio is a social impact design strategist, educator and passionate advocate of design for social change. In her teaching and research, she explores how to contribute solutions to humanitarian issues of critical urgency. With over twenty years of professional practice, Natacha brings a human-centered approach to her work with partners in the social sector, designing solutions to address wellness, sustainability, and social justice problems within local and international communities. A two-time recipient of a Sappi “Ideas that Matter” award for her crossdisciplinary development work, Natacha frequently lectures on the value of design to address social and environmental challenges. Natacha currently teaches Graphic Design at Lamar University, in Beaumont. Before relocating to Texas, she taught Visual Communication at the Hartford Art School, University of Hartford (Connecticut), where in 2008 she founded the creative think-tank Design Global Change (DGC), developing service-learning projects for students to get involved with local and international communities. Natacha acts as Director, overseeing projects that involve former students, emerging designers and professionals collaborating with engineers, scientists and physicians.
Laurie Kovac 
Visual Communication Design major and minor in Photography. Since the first day I found out about Design Global Change, I knew I wanted to take part in it. I had always been interested in art, as well as working toward the greater good, and knew that this program would be a perfect mix of these passions. Only a few weeks into the course, it surpassed my expectations and has been a very positive and uplifting experience. With my work, I hope to not only help promote positive change, but also effectively communicate to different cultures and ages and establish a greater sense of a global community.
Crystal Cote
Visual Communication Design major and minor in Photography. I grew up in a small town called New Milford, Connecticut. I have always wanted to use my design skills towards the greater good, and Design Global Change was a perfect place to do it. I was excited to immerse myself in multiple projects and gain a meaningful experience through collaboration with my peers and clients. I am proud to promote positive impact on other people while discovering more about the world we live in. I am thankful for being able to become a part of this unique and wonderful team.
Jonathan Eckels
I joined the DGC team because I believe that design utilized to serve others is the most important work one can do in the design industry. Throughout the course of my final year of college, I learned more about the process of working with nonprofit foundations versus corporation/private clients, as well as gained more insight into the grant-writing process that is often necessary for securing funding for non-profit design endeavors.
Cael Spillane
It has always been a strong belief of mine that as professionals, and as human beings, we should be giving back to our community. I believe that it is in everyone's power to change the world, or change a life. This is why, when I first heard of Design Global Change, I knew it would be a great fit for me. The idea of utilizing my passion for design with my passion for community and giving back was very exciting to me. Additionally, I was interested in working with my fellow classmates, faculty, alumni, and clients. I believe DGC was more than a class, it's a lifelong experience, and a community in itself - and I continue to be proud of being a part of this community long after I graduated.
Josh Parent
Design as a medium reaches people in the most direct and influential ways. As a designer myself, I like to capitalize on the potential for print and other methods of implementation for Design Global Change. Being part of DGC offered me a great experience in learning to work in groups to accomplish a task, and teaching real world implementations of designs. This is crucial knowledge in the design workplace and  this course has being influencial for my career endeavors.
Marene Ferguson
I’m from Cape Town, South Africa. I saw Design Global Change as an opportunity to make a visible and active change in communities with the hopes to help the less fortunate and inspire friends and family around me to do the same. I am thrilled to be part of this amazing community and contribute my efforts to develop DGC initiatives in Kenya.
Sergio Barrera
I was born in Bogota, Colombia. It was an honor to participate in DGC, for the opportunity it gave me to help others and to learn from those around me. Given my different life experiences such as living in a country that is known for its violence and through encounters with people of different cultures, my perspective of the world has been molded into one that motivates me to want to make an impact. For me this wasn't just an opportunity to take a course, but on a personal level it was an opportunity to make a difference on the world through design.
Amy Huston
While a student in visual communication design, I worked on many interesting projects but none that directly involved or benefited real communities. I joined Design Global Change so that I could work with different people and learn about issues that I may have never known about otherwise. The projects that DGC tackles are very diverse and they have allowed me to see the variety of causes that are out there. It has been eye opening to discover how much you can help simply through design. For many of the people and groups we work with, design is one the first ways in which they can get their message and their cause out into the world.
Nikki Lee
I'm from a tiny little town in Connecticut named Beacon Falls. I signed up for Design Global Change for a number of reasons. I thought it would be a challenge, and a new experience. We didn't do a whole lot of collaboration or working in teams in our normal studio classes, and I thought it would be great to have the chance to come together and work on projects with other students. Also, I loved the idea of making a difference. Art and design are usually thought of as superficial: just making something that looks nice. But I feel as if there is new meaning and respect given to design when it's done with a strong purpose. It's amazing to think that design can help to achieve goals that can better the world.
Ethan Bodnar
My belief in the power of design as a methodology and mindset is the guiding principle for the work that I do. Design and creativity can have a positive impact and can make change happen. Every day I am inspired by like minded people from around the world that have come together to develop solutions that help all different communities and types of people. Collaboration is the key to generating successful solutions. I think that all of us that are part of Design Global Change believe that ability equals responsibility and we are excited to help build the future. As a creative thinker I am also involved in many other collaborative projects with AIGA Connecticut, Design is Love, TEDxBloomington, Be Playful, and others.
Mullica Zudsiri
I have always been highly involved with helping others and contributing to my community and so I found that Design Global Change was a natural fit which combines my philanthropic interest as well as my creativity. My parents were born in Thailand so not only I can contribute my own personal cultural experiences to the projects, but I also have my skills as a young designer and illustrator. I am positive that DGC can only continue to help me develop my skills and I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to participate in such an exciting initiative.