Kenya: Amaranth Branding

Design Global Change continues the work initiated in 2009 in the lake Victoria region of Kenya, through Kanga cloth designs, which promote healthy and safe living within the community, and educate on clean water, safety and amaranth harvesting.

Our latest project involves the identity design for a local mill and the packaging for grain amaranth, which will be sold to local schools and hospitals by the local farmers from the Alour widows group. University of Hartford faculty (partnering with Brown University, University of Rhode Island and Mount Holyoke University) are researching and demonstrating that using milled and toasted Amaranth products promote nutritional absorption, which has improved the immune systems of members of the community who are HIV positive.

The following images show DGC student Marene Ferguson describing the grain amaranth packaging prototypes to Ruth Orlale (who works for Kenya Agriculture Research Institute (KARI)) during a short visit to the US in December.