India: Gender equality

India: Gender equality campaign: Bringing Girls into Focus

One of the 27 social change projects selected for this year’s “Sappi Ideas That Matter” grants is Design Global Change Proposal: Bringing girls into focus; a gender equality campaign that will raise awareness of women’s important roles in rural communities through the use of educational materials. DGC created a set of cards depicting Indian men and women in various roles (collecting water, farming, selling goods, etc.); these cards aim to trigger conversations about gender issues among  high school  youth and would be accompanied by a teacher’s guidebook, which will be used to provide educational activities to raise awareness. This project continues DGC and University of Hartford partnership with Navjyoti India Foundation, a non-profit organization led by famous female enforcement officer, Dr. Kiran Bedi. Navjyoti serves over 12,000 people in northern India; their staff will distribute the cards through their service network, spreading the message of youth empowerment and gender equality.