BURN Design Lab

In October 2010, Design Global Change members met Peter Scott at A Better World By Design conference in Providence, RI. He was one of the keynote speakers, who talk about creating clean cookstoves in developing countries.

In December 2010, Peter Scott received a Foreign Policy's Top 100 Thinker's Award for "helping the world to breathe easier" by designing and disseminating clean cook stoves to women in the developing world.

We are pleased to announced that DGC is currently working with Peter Scott on marketing and branding materials for his BURN Design Lab like stationery (business cards, logo, and letterhead) and other promotional materials.

Burn Design Lab produces customized stove designs that meet the unique cooking needs of each developing community. By partnering with locals for in-country production, we develop sustainable distribution systems that have a profound impact on deforestation, indoor air quality, and women's health.

BURN Design Lab offers the following services

  • Stove design in the field and at Lab on Vashon Island, WA, USA
  • Work with local cooks to test and refine initial designs
  • Develop tooling and manufacturing support for in-country mass production
  • Performance and emissions testing
  • Internships and training opportunities
  • Consulting services, including technical expertise, prototype design and testing and factory construction to organizations implementing cook stove programs.

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