Mar 6, 2011

Unite for Sight's 2011 Global Health & Innovation Conference

On April 16 + 17, 2011, our team working on global eye care materials will join Professor Natacha Poggio at Unite for Sight's 2011 Global Health & Innovation Conference at Yale University, in New Haven. In its 9th edition, the GH/Innovate is the world's leading global health and social entrepreneurship conference (with speakers from IDEO, DesignMatters, Ashoka, Save The Children, Acumen Fund, Design That Matters, MIT Media Lab, and other 200 presenters). Natacha will conduct a workshop on how to "Design for Global Change" (Saturday April 16, 3:45-5:15pm) and also she will introduce "Visual Communication Strategies To Improve Healthcare Understanding" in the Global Health Strategies session (Sunday April 17, 4:15-5:45pm).

Feb 14, 2011

Carbon Nation movie

A film about climate change solutions, not political agendas!

Nov 2, 2010

Unite For Sight, our partner organization, is profiled in The New York Times and US News & World Report

In "D.I.Y. Foreign-Aid Revolution," New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof writes of Unite For Sight: "We ran into extraordinary men, like Muhammad Yunus of Grameen Bank, who pioneered microfinance in Bangladesh. Or Bill Drayton, an American who is a godfather of entrepreneurs working for social change and who now runs a group called Ashoka to support them. Or Greg Mortenson, whose struggles to build schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan are chronicled in “Three Cups of Tea.” But it struck us that women in particular were finding creative ways to help the world’s most vulnerable people, many of them also women. As a college sophomore, Jennifer Staple founded Unite for Sight, which has now provided eye care to more than one million people around the world." In US News & World Report, Unite For Sight is discussed as an "example of noteworthy public service programs that are having an impact." US News and World Report explains that "Jennifer Staple-Clark was a student at Yale University when she realized that 36 million people around the globe had gone blind needlessly, so in 2000 she founded Unite for Sight to do something about that. "There is such an incredible need worldwide for eye care," says Staple-Clark. "But there are also enormous barriers like inability to pay, lack of access, lack of information, or fear."...From its beginnings in a student's dorm room, Unite for Sight has provided eye care for more than 1 million people, including more than 35,000 sight-restoring surgeries."

Sappi: Ideas that Matter Grant

We are thrilled (and very thankful) to share that Prof. Natacha Poggio (on behalf of Design Global Change) has been awarded a grant from Sappi's Ideas that Matter 10 Year Anniversary to produce our Gender Equality Campaign for India! It's incredible that we began this journey 2.5 years ago, and now we are moving beyond the recognition of our close community to one that reaches people nationally and internationally.

Thank you SAPPI!!!