Mar 7, 2011

DGC presenting at 2011 Undergraduate Research and Creativity Colloquium

Seven Design Global Change students will be representing the Hartford Art School at this year Undergraduate Research and Creativity Colloquium, held at the University of Hartford. This celebration of exemplary work will be held on April 14th, 2011 from 12:30pm to 6:15pm at the 1877 Club. DGC students will be on a panel scheduled for 5:00-6:15 PM and consisting of a total of four papers/projects.

Sergio Barrera and Joshua Parent will present their experiences designing the Upper Albany Nonviolence Mural, a project they coordinated during DGC Fall 2010 class, working in collaboration with the Connecticut Center for Nonviolence to promote the six principles of nonviolence professed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., with special attention to principle #2:"The beloved community is the frame work of the future."

Crystal Cote, Marene Ferguson, Nick Napoletano, and Mullica Zudsiri will describe the work they have been developing for Unite for Sight, Designing Visual Aids for Global Health Awareness, and the challenges they face to communicate the same global eye care messages across countries as diverse as India, Ghana and Honduras.

Amy Huston (DGC:2011) will present her senior project thesis: Women and Finances and Acquiring True Power. Following the socially responsible spirit each DGC student shares in the team, Amy's project aims to educate and empower women about their financial decisions.

We hope everyone can attend and see these talented students presentation showcasing their creative work.